Adopt-a-Code Questions/Answers


1. What is Adopt-a-Code?

 Adopt-a-Code is a program where a senior church leader within a specific zip code works to unify churches within that same zip code to work collaboratively to transform their community through evangelism, outreach and addressing specific issues and needs within their community. Adopt-a-code also works to inform all church leaders of city-wide initiatives at both the community, local and regional level.


2. How does a church leader become an Adopt-a-Code Leader?

A church leader, one who has decision-making authority for his/her church, can volunteer to serve as the Local Adopt-a-Code (AAC) Leader for his/her zip code. A decision will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis for the church leader who meets the qualifications and agrees to assume all responsibilities. If determined by the Regional AAC Leader, a zip code could be subdivided in which there would be two Local AAC Leaders within one zip code.

 3. Can I become an Adopt-a-Code Leader even if I have a small church/congregation?

Absolutely yes! Any church leader of a small church to a mega-church can submit a request to be an Adopt-a-Code Leader. If you are willing, meet the qualifications and your zip code has not been assigned then you can become an Adopt-a-Code Leader.

4. Can more than one zip code be assigned to an Adopt-a-Code Leader?

In some scenarios, yes. If you live in a small community that only have 5 churches then you have the option of being assigned another zip code based on the community that is nearest to you; however, it is your choice to accept or reject an additional zip code. If your church is located in a zip code with higher than average amount of churches then we can subdivide that zip code per your request and you would be assigned of the churches in that zip code and another church leader would be assigned the other half.

     b We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

     b We believe that God is the creator of Heaven and Earth

     b We believe that God is Supreme and He is self-existent

     b We belief that life continues beyond our physical death.

     b We believe that salvation is available to all humanity and the right to eternal life can only be found in and through the Son of

         God, Jesus Christ.

     b We believe that the Holy Bible was written by man but inspired by God

     b We believe that we are called to love all people, to love God and demonstrate our love through good works.

If the senior church leader agrees with above then s/he can participate in the AAC program. If the senior church leader does not agree with above then s/he is not eligible for participation.

6. Why should my church participate in the Adopt-a-Code program?

When Christianity was born, there was one church but over time, the church began to branch off into different denominations because of doctrinal differences. However, before this split, Jesus prayed to the Father that we may be one. So churches should participate so that we may fulfill what was originally attended. Despite some non-essential doctrinal differences, we are still one because we are one in Christ. We are stronger together than we are divided. Churches working together can transform their community quickly, efficiently and more effectively than churches working apart. We will be able to live and demonstrate to the world what unity looks like and what we can accomplish when we demonstrate our love through works and focus on what we have in common instead of our differences.

7. What type of things can churches work on together?

Churches may already have outreach, evangelism or community events planned that other churches within that same zip code could assist with through volunteerism. Churches can collaborate to identify community issues and needs and work together to determine how to address them as well as determining how they can work together to outreach and evangelize as well as offering various community programs at any of the churches that’s participating in the AAC program within that specific community.

8. How much money does our church need to give in order to participate in the Adopt-a-Code program?

We are not seeking any donations or offerings from churches. Churches do not have to give any money, offerings or donations to be a part of the AAC Program. There may be associated costs related to initiatives that churches will work together on but the expenses for that and the needed financial contributions to cover costs will be discussed and determined within the churches working together for that particular initiative.

9. What type of support will you provide my church?

We will provide all the online resources the Local AAC Leader needs in order to support AAC program within their community. We will also serve as one of the Regional AAC Leaders in the Greater Houston area. We are also here to meet with you in-person, or via email or phone if questions or further support needed as well as attend your initial AAC meeting upon request and dependent upon availability.

10. Are the churches within the same zip code limited to only working with churches within that zip code?

Absolutely not! Churches will establish new or increase existing relationships within their zip code but will continue to maintain existing relationships with other churches and leaders at other churches outside of their zip code. Also, AAC churches will be notified of other city-wide events and initiatives to encourage participation with other activities impacting our city.

11. We want to collaborate with other churches but I don’t want to be a leader so what do I need to do in order to work with other churches within the zip code of my church?

Please notify us of your request and once a Local AAC Leader is chosen, we will give him/her your information so they can contact you. You can notify us of your interest by emailing us at Please make sure to include in the email the following: Your First and Last Name, Role/Position, Church Name, Church Address including zip code and Contact Phone number.

12. What do I need to do now if I want to be a Local Adopt-a-Code Leader?

Please notify us of your decision and we will start the process to determine if there is a need, if you meet the initial qualifications and then we will contact you with the next steps. You can notify us of your interest by emailing us at Please make sure to include in the email the following: Your First and Last Name, Role/Position, Church Name, Church Address including zip code, website (if available) and Contact Phone number.

13. What if I have more questions? Who do I need to contact?

 You can email The Church on Fire Christian Center of Sugar Land, TX at or you can contact Pastor Donnell Vigers directly by phone at 713-294-9894 or Minister Stephanie Vigers at 713-294-9638 if you have any additional questions.