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Local Adopt-a-Code Leader Process

In the Adopt-a-Code Program, a primary/senior church leader voluntarily assumes ownership for his/her community, as defined by the borders of the zip code where the church is located in order to transform the community through unification with all/most churches within that same zip code/boundary.

The Local Adopt-a-Code (AAC) Leader will:
Adopt the zip code for which his/her church is located.
     •   Per request, a geographical area could be subdivided if it is found that a larger than average amount of churches are
         located within that zip code. If the area is subdivided then there will be 2 AAC Leaders within that zip code.

Identify the churches within the assigned zip code
     •   Obtain name of church, name of pastor, contact phone number, email address, mailing address (optional)

If applicable, reconcile with leader(s) to repair broken relationship(s)

Schedule Meeting
     •   Determine setting: Breakfast, Luncheon, or general meeting
     •   Determine date/time of meeting (meeting will last approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours)
     •   Have someone call each pastor to personally invite pastor to the meeting (request for them to RSVP)
     •   Have someone send email invitation, which includes RSVP request
     •   Optional: Mail invitation to pastors
     •   Send reminder email or perform follow-up call 2-3 days prior to meeting

Conduct Meeting
     •   Request for each attendee to sign-in using sign-in sheet
              Sign-in sheet should include columns for: Name of Church, First & Last Name, Position/Title, Contact Number,
                 Email Address
     •   Open in Prayer
     •   Welcome everyone; Introduce Self
     •   Do a meet and greet (everyone can introduce themselves: their role, name of church, church location, how many years
         church has been at current location, etc)
     •   Explain purpose of meeting/introduce Adopt-a-Code Concept (Optional: Can use all or part of Adopt-a-Code
     •   Open floor discussion to determine community needs
     •   Open floor discussion to determine what initiatives are already in progress or planned that addresses some of the
          community needs
     •   Obtain consensus on what initiatives are already in progress or planned that all churches can work on together
               If all the churches can work on the initiative then the church that started this initiative prior to the meeting will
                  serve as the leader and work collaboratively with the AAC Leader to ensure all church leaders/appointed
                  representatives are invited to future meetings to determine how they can assist
     •   Discuss possible new initiatives and obtain agreement to move forward with planning with at least one of the
              The AAC leader does not have to lead the initiative. Any leaders from the churches can volunteer to lead but the
                 leader will need to work collaboratively with the AAC Leader to ensure all church leaders/appointed
                 representatives are invited to planning.
     •   Request for church leaders to send AAC Leader an email flyer of future outreach, evangelism or prayer events that
         they would like for the churches in the community to attend and the AAC Leader would forward that email to all the
         churches in the community that have agreed to work collaboratively.
     •   Inform the group that the AAC Leader will also forward email flyers about city-wide initiatives that they may be
         interested in.
              If there is a disaster or crisis that impacts their community, the AAC Leader will notify church leaders about their
                 role, meetings, alerts, etc once the information is made readily available.
     •   Maintain a tracking log of who attended vs. who didn’t
              If a church leader attended and decides that they do not want to participate then note decision on tracking log.
              If a church leader did not attend then do follow-up, explain Adopt-a-Code process and determine if they would
                 like to participate or not then note decision on tracking log.

Update Regional Leader of meeting outcome via email to

Forward flyers of city-wide events occurring in your zip code to Regional Leader via email to

Things to Consider
If congregation/members are not familiar with working with other churches, then the senior leader may want to consider doing a message/meditation/sermon on Unity.

Determine if/when to schedule another meeting outside of the meetings that will be scheduled for initiatives. For example: Meet to fellowship; Meet to pray, etc.
     •   This meeting does not have to be at the AAC Leader’s church
     •   Any leader from one of the churches can volunteer to schedule and lead the next meeting

Create group email list of all church leaders that will participate
     •   Do not include church leaders that have decided not to participate
     •   Do not include church leaders who did not attend meeting AND are not aware of the Adopt-a-Code program yet (only
          include and email those who are in agreement to work collaboratively)
     •   Update email group list as needed.