Pray. Expect. Prepare.

At any given any any moment... revival will break out in Houston but are we, as the Body of Christ, truly ready to receive that which has been promised to us?
We believe that it's time to expect what we have been praying for. In eager expectation of what we are to receive, we must work diligently to prepare for the outpouring and for the harvest that is still yet to come.

Previous Awakenings

In the First Great Awakening of 1735, it was stated 1/7th of the population converted to Christianity. In the Second Great Awakening of 1857, thousands would join together for prayer meetings that were being held at least 3 times a day; at its peak, 50,000 people got saved per week with 20,000 baptisms per week, and out of a population of thirty million more than a million people were converted to Christianity within one year.

Exponential Growth

If an Awakening happened in the Greater Houston area, we can easily expect to see at least 400,000- 500,000 (> 33,000 per week) convert to Christianity within a year but are we ready?
     – Are we ready individually? Are we ready for our lives and our schedules to change?
     – Are we ready corporately? Are our hearts ready for the face of the church to change?
     – Do we have the right infrastructure in place to handle the sudden growth?


No matter if you are a small church or a mega-church, the question is the same:

If your church grew three times its size overnight, are you capable NOW to efficiently handle this shift?

If your answer is “No” then we encourage you to work with your team in developing a Church Contingency Plan.

What is a Church Contingency Plan?

We define a Church Contingency Plan as a response plan that is activated during times of unusual, unexpected, sudden change and/or growth to a church that will potentially disrupt the normal daily operations of the church. The goal of the plan is to rapidly adjust to membership changes and implement streamlined processes in order to minimize disruption and maintain operations. Read More...

To learn more about preparing your church for revival, we have submitted for your consideration, a presentation in pdf format for developing your Church Contingency Plan. Please click here to download.