____Relationships established with other pastors within the area
____Identified churches in/near area that have resources/services such as job training, food pantry,
         etc. readily available.
____Aware of other non-church resources available: For example: Houston Food Bank and their
         social services programs.
____Demographics of the people in the neighborhoods that surround the church known
____Language barrier issues identified and plan in place to address
____Understand the issues that are plaguing the community that surrounds the church
____Determined how church will be able to teach and nurture those that may be illiterate.
____Aware of the services/resources needed to help those in the community

____Assessed need for new leaders, aides/assistants
____New leaders identified (if applicable)
         ____Determined scope of responsibilities for new leaders
____Leadership Training provided
____New leaders given increased responsibilities

____Members/Congregants prepared for what they might witness and experience
____Message/Sermon/Meditation given that encourages soul-searching for any prejudices hidden in
         the heart
____Members/Congregants encouraged to serve in some capacity now

New Member Programs
____Reviewed New Member materials to determine if need to condense/modify
         ____New Member materials for revival season condensed/modified (if applicable)
         ____Established plan, if need arises, to increase availability of New Member programs
____Reviewed Discipleship materials to determine if need to condense/modify
         ____Discipleship materials for revival season condensed/modified (if applicable)
         ____Established plan, if need arises, to increase frequency of meetings in order to lessen
                  duration of sessions/classes from months to week(s).

New Member Needs
____Determined how to help new converts that have emotional, spiritual and/or financial needs.
____Identified leaders who will provide individual, marriage and family counseling.
____Developed plan on how to handle couples living together in sin that want to get married
____Plan developed regarding who will teach discipleship and evangelism
____Determined how and who will do visitor and new member follow-up
____Communication plan to notify new members of service time and location changes, etc.
____Determined what free printed resources provided by the church are absolutely essential for the
         new member to have
         ____Plan in place to ensure adequate inventory is onsite or immediately accessible (nearby
                  store stocks items)
         ____Determined what resources to make available online

Sunday Services
____Primary Pastor/Minister prepared to preach a clear message of salvation.
____Other ministers within and without your team identified and able to help preach.
         ____Ministers are able to preach a clear message of salvation.
____Determined if and type of translation needed during one or more services.
         ____Identified one or more persons willing and able to provide translation.
         ____Plan in place if determined non-English service needed. For example: It was determined
                  that it would better to have a separate Spanish speaking service instead of translation
                  during regular service.
                  ____Plan in place to host non-English service(s).
____Determine if hanging the altar call is needed. Plan in place (if applicable).
____Plan in place on how/when/where to handle mass baptisms.

Other Ministry Activities/Meetings
____Determined the essential vs. non-essential activities, classes and services at the church.
____Plan established on when to cancel all non-essential activities, classes, and services during
         revival season, how to notify members/congregants of cancellations and how to reincorporate
         once things stabilize.
____Plan established to implement new service start and end times based on changes in attendance
         (new start/end times are outlined in plan).
         ____Considered adjusting worship services to essentials and adjustments are outlined in plan.
____Considered increasing the number of services on Sundays (additional services are outlined in
         plan, if applicable).
____Considered adding Saturday service(s) (additional service(s) are outlined in plan, if applicable).
____Considered canceling Sunday classes/teachings and/or shifting one or more of them to a day or
         evening during the week (cancellations and/or changes are outlined in plan, if applicable).
____Considered and/or have identified members/congregants who may are able to start prayer
         groups or bible studies at their home during this season.
____Identified how large of a group they can host.
____Identified how many sessions per week they are willing to host.
____Plan in place to provide these leaders an outline/training materials/teaching book or manual and
         materials are readily available.
         ____Determined that training is needed.
                  ____Training provided.
____Plan in place to communicate changes and dates/time/locations to members/congregants.
         ____Plan in place for IT staff to update website with date and times of session, type of sessions
                  (teaching, prayer, bible study, etc) and name/number of contact person. Update other
                  communication tools as well.

____Identified members/congregants skilled in web, media, social media, etc. that are willing and
         able to help during revival season.
____Identified essentials vs. non-essentials with a plan in place to only upload, modify, revise only
         those things identified as essential.
____Considered posting new member, evangelism and discipleship materials on a password
         protected, member-only section of website to reduce printing costs.
         ____All materials readily available (properly formatters) to be uploaded.

NOTE: Make sure the materials prepared for revival season are the ones that will be uploaded.
          For example: If you condensed the content of your New Member program for revival season
          then make sure the condensed version of your New Member program is uploaded and the
         original version is no longer accessible during revival season.
____Communication plan established to direct members/congregants to frequently visit website for
         important updates.
____Considered updating voicemail recordings with important updates/information such as service
         times, location of services and website address.

Other Logistics
____The maximum capacity of the sanctuary before “overflow” is reached has been determined.
____Plan in place for how to handle “overflow” and accompanying parking challenges.
____Plan in place for how to Children’s Ministry overflow.
____Other temporary venues that could handle new seating capacities identified and contact
         information, logistics, and financial costs on file.
____Plan in place to ensure that dual services and/or services held at the same or other location(s)
         remain consistent throughout all services and locations.

Prayer team
____Prayer team in place.
____Prayer team is praying for:
         ____Transforming, sustained revival
         ____The hearts of the people in the church to be prepared to receive new converts
         ____The church to be prepared spiritually and physically
         ____Increase in church finances, resources, and leaders
         ____Godly wisdom, strength and divine health

____Assembled a list of simple yet deeply spiritual worship songs that all can easily grasp and sing.
____Determined how leaders will still be able to meet the needs of existing.
____Determined how best to utilize missionaries onsite and when it’s the appropriate to send them
____Plan established to make resources available in other language(s) for youth and/or adults (if
         ____Determined what materials need to be translated.
____Addressed budget concerns/impacts.
         ____Considered financial impact due to increased usage of supplies, contractual services,
                  utilities, etc. For example: There will be increased usage of coffee, water, hygiene
                  supplies, paper products, housekeeping services, communion supplies, utilities, etc.

Contingency Plan
____Contingency Plan written and finalized.
____Contingency Plan reviewed with key leaders.
____Contingency Plan printed and in secure location.

This Revival Preparation Checklist is to be used in conjunction with the “Preparing for Revival.
Pray. Expect. Prepare.” materials. This checklist may not be all-inclusive so please feel free to add,
modify or delete items based on the specific needs, issues and/or concerns related to your church.
Please contact us at if you have any questions. Blessings to your ministry!

To view the
Revival Checklist in pdf format, please click here.